7 Ways to Incorporate Children Into Your Household Chores

Do you ever struggle with getting household chores done while your children are around? Neurodiverse children or those with Autism Spectrum Disorder can struggle with sustaining play while others are working in different areas of the house. One way to combat this struggle is to have your children work with you on household chores. While each chore can be done with some help from the child, here are a few ideas below to help you get started when your child has not exhibited chore skills yet.  

  1. Have your child help you meal plan by portioning out snacks into bags for daily consumption or portioning out ingredients to cook a family meal
  2. Allow your child to dry the dishes while you wash them or help you load/unload the dishwasher 
  3. Give your child clothing to place into the washer/dryer 
  4. Have your child place pillows or blankets on bed to help making the bed in the morning 
  5. Allow your child to water indoor or outdoor plants 
  6. Give your child silverware to place at the dinner table 
  7. Have your child gather supplies before bath time such as toys and towels 

Once your child has learned these basic skills, they can advance onto higher level chores such as learning to assemble lunch or snack items (sandwiches, peanut butter crackers, etc) and doing a load of laundry independently. This will give your child life skills that they can utilize into adulthood, help them feel like they are contributing to the family, and will foster quality time during a family chore.