BHOCE Accreditation

This year has brought on lots of excitement for our organization.  We opened our new office location, grew our service provider family to serve more client families and received our BHCOE Accreditation!

We are thrilled that Autism Services of Kansas is now a Behavioral Center of Excellence.  We want you to celebrate this accreditation with us. What does this mean to you and why is it important?

What is BHCOE Accreditation?

BHCOE stands for Behavioral Health Center of Excellence and it is an international accrediting body created to meet accreditation needs specifically for behavior analysis.

BHCOE Accreditation requirements are regularly reviewed at high, international standards in order to grant accreditation to organizations that directly work with behavioral health and behavioral analysis.

BHCOE Accreditation is a certification given to applied behavior analysis providers when they show that they meet the highest standards of care. In order to continue their BCHOE Accreditation, they must meet an assortment of clinical and administrative standards determined by an independent third-party evaluator.

History of the BHCOE

BHCOE Accreditation began as a five-year project to provide information about quality assurance for behavioral organizations, and transparency for their futures. It has since grown into the international Quality Assurance Standards and BHCOE Accreditation Program.

Since BHCOE’s official establishment in 2015, over 6,900 consumers have been surveyed and 8,375 staff have been surveyed. In 2017, only 57% of organization’s had a first-time pass rate.

What is a Center of Excellence?

A center of excellence is an organization that values clinical quality, staff satisfaction, and parent satisfaction while providing the highest quality of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services.

This accreditation is earned, not given, as providers are evaluated on a number of measures related to their clinical quality of work and satisfaction. BHCOE Accreditation shows that the organization meets the highest standards of clinical quality and has been verified by a third-party.

A Center of Excellence is an organization that respects its employees and clients, cares about their feedback, and is able to learn internally in order to better serve their community.

What does this mean for you?

Autism Services of Kansas being BHCOE Accredited means that we are indeed providing quality services.  The accreditation was what we imagine an “audit” to entail. They went through all important documents, surveyed staff and clients, and other extensive measures.  Our goal of becoming accredited was to ensure that we are up to par with all Autism Providers across the nation.  Some states require accreditation for autism providers.  Kansas does not, however we hold ourselves to the highest standards.  We will continue to work to improve and refine our practices.  Each family we serve deserves to work with clinicians who are always seeking ways to grow and better serve them.  This is what we will continue to do.


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