Self-Help Skills: 3 Ways to Initiate Your Chores

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I wish I had more help with ____ (fill in the blank)?” You’re in luck! If you have children in your home they can help you with basic simple chores. Even very young neurodiverse children are able to help with small skills around the house. You may be wondering though, how can my two year old with Autism do a chore? 

  • Start with something small or break up a task:
    • You may want your child to work on dressing themselves. Start with a smaller part of the task such as putting on their shoes by themselves first. Slowly you can add more skills such as putting on socks, pants, and a shirt to learn the entire skill of dressing. 
  • Start with something that they are already interested in or show the skill for:
    • Does your child love water? Starting with them learning how to wash their hands or rinsing dishes may be a good place to start since they are already motivated by water. 
  • Use visual schedules:
    • You may use visual schedules to help your child to have help continuing the skill or reminding them of the next step.

Soon you’ll be getting the help you need and your child will be learning skills that they will use lifelong!