The Quickest Ways To Teach Community Visuals

Learning community signs and symbols are important to engage with a culture and community. For instance, learning the public restroom sign helps someone to know where a bathroom is in the community. Learning crosswalk signs is also important for a person to know when it’s acceptable to walk across the street and when to stop. Here are three steps to quickly teach your child these universal symbols to navigate the community:


  1. Have them find the symbols: Print out the symbols and teach your child to find them in a group of items while explaining what they mean. This will help them learn how to discriminate between the different types of symbols they may see in the community.
  2. Have them label the symbols: By being able to label the symbols, this will help them to be able to express what they are looking for in the community and how to find places such as a specific street, crosswalk or public restroom.
  3. Take them into the community to practice: By taking them into the community to use the crosswalk, find the bathroom, and identify community helpers that can help them with each school, they will be able to be more independent in the environment.


Using these three steps will help your child to be comfortable finding community helpers and using national or international symbols that are universal. This will open up several opportunities for them to understand and interact in their community and can put you as the parent at ease when they are traveling in the community.